Istructions for the maintenance and storage of the kayak
Polaczyk Kayak Sport 2021

Istructions for the maintenance and storage of the kayak

POLACZYK KAJAK SPORT kayaks are made of high-quality carbon-epoxy composite.

Kayaks require maintenance that extends their life. Proper use of the kayak allows you to maintain right parameters, such as stiffness, hardness and elasticity of the structure for several years.

    1. Do not leave the kayak in direct sunlight.
    2. Do not clamp the kayak too tightly on car trunks or kayak trailer during transport. Avoid that especially on sunny and warm days.
    3. Repair the kayak only when necessary, using repair materials provided by the manufacturer. The materials should be delivered with the kayak as a Repair Kit.
    4. Do not put the kayak on hard surface. If this is necessary, put something soft under the kayak to avoid scratches.  Up to 50% of surface scratches are caused by poor storage.
    5. All bolts in the kayak for adjusting the footrest and seat must be tightened in case of negligence the adjustment systems may be damaged.

Any warranty claims may be accepted after the kayak is delivered to the manufacturer, including the representative of the Polaczyk company, during the canoe slalom competition and the validity of repairs under the warranty has been assessed.

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