FTO – mobile pool Wall

It’s well build high performance mobile pool wall used by amateur and professional swimmers all over the world. Especially used in swimming pools by swimmers and trainers to train relapses and divide swimming tracks. This contributes to intensity and efficiency of swimmers.

The board has special wheels and handles that make it easy to transport the board, also this handles could be used by swimmers due training. It has very durable and easy-toattach handles and straps that are used to install the board to swimming tracks. Its especially strong build for perfect transfer the power and speed of the swimmer’s due relapse.

It’s easy to use and install and can be installed by one person.

At the bottom of the board is installed “AZYMUT” system, which makes easier for the swimmers to recognize when approaching the wall.

SIZE: (L: 232cm, H: 108cm, W: 40kg)


FTO is made of (748-XXXX BUFA MARINE-NPG-GELCOAT-S) vinyl ester composites certificated by “Lloyd’s Register Group” Certificate No. (MATS/4447/2) and (E-NOVA MA 6215) certificated by “Lloyd’s Register Group” Certificate No. (MATS/4943/1) resins epoxy composites, which is chemical-resistant.

FTO has been tested for 3 years in terms of chemical-resistant in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia). It is covered with a special anti-bacterial coat which is inert to pool and sea water. Thanks to these coating, it is very easy to maintain cleanliness.